Deformity Reduction Instrumentation System (“DRI System”), is a completely new and thoroughly unique Class 1 disposable device for rod reduction in pedicle screw surgery. The DRI utilizes a looped lasso made from Dyneema® Fiber. The lasso anchors to a pedicle screw and with proprietary reduction instrumentation facilitates the translation of the spinal rod to the pedicles screws in multiple planes.

The Stansion Matrix™ titanium VBRs are increasing in market share. The unique “roll-over” feature allows the surgeon to utilize a smaller port for entry and implantation while the titanium construct allows for greater bone graft volume and enhanced bone to implant bonding.

SpineWorks continues to seek new distributors. Contact if interested.

SpineWorks recently launched the A-Wedge™ ALIF implant. The first of a 4 platform ALIF system to address Anterior Lumbar procedures.

FixxSure™ X-Links by SpineWorks make pedicle screw fixation a breeze with a proprietary one-step, double locking mechanism.

SpineWorks titanium cages see growing usage. Market leading implant features and a trending comeback of titanium contribute to growth.

SpineWorks is medical device company based out of Huntington Beach, CA. We focus on assisting people with complex spine conditions. This is done by applying our experience and expertise in the design and engineering of medical devices and by discovering new cost effective channels for distribution. We are striving to be a central market figure in the medical care of spinal disorders.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive continuum of products for the needs of spine patients.

Our Vision is to create a dynamic company inspired by surgeon ideas that advance the medical care of the spine.

The SpineWorks Mission:
SpineWorks is committed to working personally with the spinal surgeon to conceive, nurture and advance innovative ideas and technology in spine surgery.

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