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About Us

SpineWorks was founded in 2004. To date, the company has been funded by private investments and product sales. Our goal is to develop novel spine technologies that allow us to create innovative products and valuable intellectual property. In the development process, we work intimately with spine surgeons and other industry professionals to nurture ideas and create products that reflect real market needs.

SpineWorks recognizes the changing dynamics within the health care industry and intends to utilize the company’s strengths of modest size, controlled costs, and responsive speed to adequately address these dynamics. As the Obama administration’s health care reform becomes law, we believe the market for innovative technology and devices that improve patient outcomes will remain. However, there will be an increasing focus on lower implant pricing, consolidated instrument systems, decreased hospitalization times, and proven comparative effectiveness research. SpineWorks is fully prepared to compete and succeed in this new environment.

SpineWorks will utilize multiple paths of distribution to continue establishing itself in the market place. These paths will include independent and direct sales representation along with potential licensing opportunities.

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