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A Paradigm Shift - The FixxSure™ X-Link

Key Features Benefits
Dual Locking Mechanism Ability to primarily lock before final tightening
Straight upward locking motion Implant will not travel along rod during tightening and bump into pedicle screws
Multiple sizes 4 variable lengths from 66mm to 28mm, fixed lengths from 28mm to 23mm in one mm increments
Contoured design Keeps the implant from contacting the dura
Dual external pivot points The coronal plane motion is controlled independently from each end of the crosslink for ease of attachment to askew rods
  Fixed length implants have coronal motion variability to attach to rods which is unique from most all other fixed cross links which require manual bending to adapt to rods
Pinned open locking feet Implant will drop directly onto rods without fiddle or bind
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